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Our Program

Don’t confuse The Clayworks with “keep everybody busy” activities. These studios, galleries and retail stores play significant roles in working to accomplish Disability Supports’ goal of helping make life as full and as complete as it can be for our clients and their communities.

Case managers play a significant part in determining how often and how much time an artist should spend at The Clayworks. Studio staff follow their recommendations on what media and projects are best suited for the individual, and uses what they call a “gentle teaching” approach to working with the artists. Sessions are kept to a manageable 12–16 artists working in clay, greenware, hand-thrown pottery, and an ever-expanding palette of artistic media.

Both the art and the artists are transformed. When Clayworks artists begin a project, they start with something they look at as just a mound of clay, or a pencil, brush and sheet of paper. But as they work with it, it grows, transitions and changes. By the time they’re finished, they’ve communicated their personality and feelings in a way words never could.