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Beyond pottery, this is a place of pride.

Located in the close-knit communities of McPherson and Hutchinson, in the heart of Kansas, The Clayworks is a creative hub for artists of all abilities.

The Clayworks might be the world’s most unique art galleries and shops. As the entrepreneurial creation of Disability Supports of the Great Plains, these studios offer individuals with disabilities the chance to explore their own unique creativity and artistic expression — and to profit from their work.

Guided by professional art educators and staff, artists work with different media —  clay, painting and drawing — and choose their level of contribution to the artistic process, from design, to production, finishing, and the marketing of their completed pieces.

Their work is for sale on the many shelves that fill The Clayworks retail stores in McPherson and Hutchinson. Clayworks artists aren’t producing art simply to pass time.  It is their work, a product worthy of value and an act of self-expression. They receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their merchandise. The artists’ work is also displayed at Disability Supports’ sponsored gallery, One Door North.

Unlike other shops or galleries, The Clayworks uses creativity as a way to help people find a sense of place as well as a livelihood — and a place to share their gifts with the world.

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