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The Clayworks Art Educators

Disability Supports' commitment to the commercial success of Clayworks artists, as well as enabling them to realize their artistic potential, begins with the rigorous selection of our art educators. Every Clayworks instructor is engaged for these unique and special roles based on their history of artistic accomplishment, creativity, patience and willingness to work as both a teacher and student of our artists. Even Clayworks instructors with advanced art degrees continue to grow in their field through the collaborative nature of working with our gifted artists. The universal language of art removes all barriers of communication between artist and teacher as the roles are often reversed with a new vision, products, projects, and possibilities. Conventional artistic wisdom and status quo simply don’t exist at The Clayworks. The true spirit of art is fostered and nurtured in every way at The Clayworks as the creativity flows from the minds, hearts, and hands of both teachers and students.