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Look Inside The Clayworks

One Door North

Adjacent to The Clayworks in McPherson is a decidedly different kind of art gallery and creative space. It is a gallery where artists of all ages and abilities are invited to create, display and promote art free of charge, for the benefit of both the artists and the community. 

It is a space in which the spirit of art is fostered. Children explore the creative world. Professional artists display collections. Community groups gather to be inspired, to plan and connect. You’re invited to discover the textures, colors, beauty and spirit of this place and its people.

“One Door North is a beautiful, exciting place with an amazing mission. I feel truly inspired by both the surroundings and the artwork.” — Peggy Medina, Salina ceramic artist

Scheduled Artists
January – February 2020, Dave Hilley, ceramics
March – April 2020, Peg Stevens, paintings
May – June 2020, Jacelyn Chambers, paintings
July – August 2020, Jocelyn Woodson, paintings
September – October 2020, Rachel Hindle, paintings
November – December 2020, Daisy Friesen, ceramics

Gallery Hours
Monday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
First Thursdays, Open to 8:00 p.m.
Extended Hours During Holiday Season


Midtown Gallery at The Clayworks in Hutchinson

Welcome to the second gallery space dedicated to showing, sharing and selling beautiful works of art. The Midtown Gallery inside The Clayworks in Hutchinson follows the tradition of One Door North in offering a public space in which to showcase art from individuals with disabilities and works from local and regional artists.

Scheduled Artists
January 2020, Ande Hall, paintings and Ellen Rohl, jewelry
February 2020, Michael Schlyer, ceramics and Lindsey Owen Custom Jewelry
March 2020, Curt Krob, sculpture and Brad Egger, jewelry
April 2020, Barbara Stevens, ceramics, and Michelle and Peter Hawkins, jewelry
May 2020, Joseph Ricones and Emily Chamberlin, ceramics
June 2020, Shirley Curiel, paintings
June 2020, Tina Thomas, jewelry
July 2020, Antonio Martinez, ceramics
August 2020, Meredith Radke-Gannon, paintings and Caroline Ediger, jewelry
September 2020, Gavin McDonald, glass sculpture and Kris Bohannan, jewelry
October 2020, Judy Dove, paintings 
November 2020, Kayan Asherman, mixed media and Lori Martin Price, jewelry
December 2020, Christmas Market

Gallery Hours
Monday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Third Thursdays, Open to 8:00 p.m.
Extended Hours During Holiday Season